Leadership Programs

The leadership programs offered by LDI International fall into four categories: (1) company-tailored leadership programs designed for senior managers and executives in charge of the strategic direction of their organizations; (2) context-driven leadership development programs for senior women leaders in business organizations, politics, information technology, the media and others such as the military, education, and arts and sciences; (3) our signature leadership development program known as LEEP; and (4) consulting services  to include life and leadership coaching as well as dissertation coaching of doctoral students in a variety of disciplines.

  1. Company-tailored Leadership Developmen Programs for Senior Managers and Executives
  2. Context-driven Leadership Programs for Senior Women Leaders
  3. LEEP
  4. Consulting Services Including Leadership and Dissertation coaching

All LDI programs can be  enhanced by providing opportunities for participants to engage in self-reflection, journaling, and value and vision clarification to facilitate their leadeship development by creating narratives that chronicle their journeys.