Company Tailored Leadership Development for Senior Executives

leadership development trainingThe leadership development programs in this category are designed around self, individual, team and organizational assessments of leadership styles and requirements and target organizational leaders concerned with identifying and/or clarifying the firm’s mission and vision, communicating the mission throughout the organization, aligning the vision with organizational values, mapping the future of their organizations and leaving a legacy through leadership succession planning.

leadership succession planningLeadership Succession Planning

Leadership succession planning is one of the most critical leadership challenges confronting organizations. It Is a strategic process that involves the identification of potential successors that requires a thorough understanding of the long-term viability and competitiveness of the firm. We have developed a variety of models of succession planning designed for the selection of successors both from internal and external candidate pools including evidenced-based succession planning, bench strength assessment and linking the organizations leadership succession plan with development of high potential executives.

leadership training legacy genealogyLeadership Genealogy and Legacy©

This program is designed to connect senior leaders’ past with the present and future. Executives individually and in small groups critically analyze the role their past plays in legitimizing their current leadership philosophy, style, values, and practices. Each executive identifies a present problem and works both forward and backward learning to view the past in terms of present successes and failures. Developing leadership legacy capital is combined with leadership genealogy that traces the genetic, intellectual, and emotional roots of leadership for each participant. By applying a genealogical approach, each leader’s legacy is constructed to build a bridge to lasting impact and greatness.

leadership scenario planning trainingScenario Planning: Mapping the Future of Leadership

The future of leadership and leaders is at the heart of this program. Leaders representing different contexts including corporate, political, educational, non-profit, high tech and multinational organizations convene to develop their vision of the future. The scenarios developed in this program are intended to sensitize organizational leaders to indicators of change. At the end of the program, the scenarios are matrixed to create a common language for mapping the future of leadership.