Women in Leadership

ShirinEbadiClaudia KennedyOprah WinfreyMartha StewartMargaret ThatcherAda YonathXian ZhangMeg WhitmanSasha CohenDrew Gilpin Faust
Shirin Ebadi – Iranian lawyer, human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, global peace leader. Author: Shahram Ebadi (Wikimedia)
Claudia Kennedy – retired lieutenant general, first woman to hold rank of three-star general in US Army, military leader. Author: Public domain, not copyrighted (Wikipedia)
Oprah Winfrey – media proprietor and talk show host, media leader. Author: Alan Light (Wikipedia)
Martha Stewart – CEO Omnimedia, business leader. Author: David Shankstone (Wikipedia)
Margaret Thatcher – former British Prime Minister, political leader. Author: White House Photographic Office; copyright waved by US Government Office (Wikipedia)
Ada Yonath – Israeli crystallographer, recipient of 2009 Nobel Prize in Chemistry, science leader. Author: anonymous (Wikipedia)
Xian Zhang - Conductor, Giuseppe Verdi Orchestra, Milan, artistic leader Author: Chicago Classical Review
Meg Whitman – President and CEO of Hewlett Packard, corporate leader Author: Max Worse (Wikimedia)
Sasha Cohen - US figure skater, 2006 Olympic silver medalist, sports leader Author: David Carmichael (Wikimedia)
Drew Gilpin Faust – President, Harvard University, first woman to lead Ivy league institution, higher education leader. Author; US Navy (Wikimedia)

Not designed for women only, the leadership development programs in this category identify the unique challenges, opportunities, and barriers facing women seeking or occupying leadership roles in a variety of contexts. Each leadership development program focuses on a specific context and covers topics such as gender differences in leadership, visible and invisible barriers, work-family balance, and gender stereotyping. These programs are intended for a variety of audiences, female and male, and are based, in part, on Dr. Klenke’s bestselling books, “Women and Leadership, A Contextual Perspective” and “Women in Leadership; Contextual Dynamics and Boundaries.”  These leadership development programs are designed with a context-specific focus and target senior women leaders in politics, business, media, higher education, military, information technology and other settings and industries.