The Multi-faceted Missions of LDI

LDI International is dedicated to excellence in leadership development, education, and training and helping individuals and organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to the leadership challenges in the global environment. More specifically, the mission of LDI International is five-fold: educational, practice, research, partnerships and social.

Educational Mission

  • to serve individuals and organizations by educating them for and about leadership through the development of a variety of educational programs
  • to provide a learning environment for our clients that allows them to constantly challenge their assumptions about leadership, values, and the organizational cultures they create and transmit.

The educational mission of LDI International is intended to create a climate for knowledge acquisition and sharing taking advantage of our increasingly interconnected communication technologies.

Practice Mission

  • to serve individuals and organizations to respond rapidly and effectively to the  real  leadership problems, challenges and demands of the global environment they are constantly faced with.
  • to develop processes for synthesizing “lessons learned” in order to articulate”best l leadership practices” for organizations and industries that may used as benchmarks across different organizations and industries.
  • to assist our clients in developing leaders at all levels throughout the organization since the development of leadership is a leadership issue

Research Mission

  • to contribute to the growth and evolution of leadership studies as an academic  discipline by conducting and disseminating cutting-edge research that promotes the development of post-industrial leadership paradigms and their applications in real life settings.
  • to promote applied leadership research that advances practitioners’ understanding of leadership dynamics and processes

Partnership Mission

  • to practice collaborative leadership by creating and entering into strategic alliances and partnerships with private and public sector organizations for the purpose of collectively promoting leadership theory, practice and research.

Social Mission

  • to provide community service in the local, national, and international communities for the common good. Among the social causes supported by LDI International are ethical leadership, corporate social responsibility and the alleviation of global poverty.

The different components of our mission mutually reinforce each other to provide an integrated approach to service design and delivery.